Importance of Septic Tank

Importance of Septic Tank

Here’s some piece of advice from the most trusted septic tank cleaning service provider in the Philippines, Malabanan, which can help you achieve a well-maintained septic tank and learn the importance of septic tank.

The average adult human body is composed of 50% to 65% water. Humans need water for the body organs to function well. We need water to beat the summer heat and perform every activity for the day. Basically, water is the primary necessity of all living creatures especially humans, the river of life as what they say. When we think about water, it’s understood that what we mean is clean water. People don’t care about the dirty water or better known as the blackwater. As its name defines, this water is black in color, usually greasy and the thickness varies depending on the condition of the septic tank.

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Naturally, blackwater is used to describe the wastewater containing feces, urine, and water from flush toilets.  Blackwater seems to be the dirtiest waste in the house. In every backyard, there is a temporary home for this blackwater called the septic tank. Just by this short explanation, you can imagine the importance of septic tank – in the Philippines, it is locally known as pozo negro. Alternatively, siphoning pozo negro can also be done proactively, as a way of maintaining a good, working waste system.

The septic tank is a container holding the wastewater. It is usually made of concrete, heavy duty plastic, metal, or marble. The composition should be strong enough to handle strong chemicals and biological agents found in blackwater. The waste enters the septic tank through the inlet pipe. Natural bacteria eat up the solid waste. Once the waste enters the tank, solid wastes are divided into three layers. Heavy solid wastes which are inorganic settle at the bottom called the sludge. The organic solid waste floats to the top called the scum. In between these two layers is the treated wastewater called the effluent. This layer is ready for discharge to the environment. This water flows through the outlet pipe on its way to the drain field. It is in the septic tank where the biological and mechanical procedures take place. This process is self-maintaining but should be regularly inspected to avoid overload of wastes in the tank.

Contents of the septic tank should be pumped on a regular basis, every 3 to 5 years. Otherwise, the risk of developing an overload and overflow of sludge and scum is high. These wastes can fill up the septic tank and pass on the drain field. This overflow can reach your home and cause the stinky smell in your backyard or into your toilet.

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Without the septic tank, there is no proper management of the blackwater or the wastewater. This has a strong impact on the health of the homeowners. Improperly treated wastewater has contaminants causing disease that is harmful to health once in contact with humans. These are called pathogens or better known as bacteria, viruses, protozoans, fungi and worms, all coming from human feces. A more serious form of bacteria is the nitrate-producing bacteria that go directly to the bloodstream. This is life-threatening to adults especially to infants who are prone to have the blue baby syndrome. Blue color develops around the eyes and mouth of the baby. Blackwater also harms the environment and causes pollution of water, land, and air.

The septic tank is an essential part of the totality of our homes. The absence of a septic tank or low-maintenance of the tank may lead to a more serious damage to the health of the homeowners and neighborhood.

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