Basics of Septic Tank Design

Basics of Septic Tank Design

It is not easy to maintain a septic tank all by yourself, especially if you don’t have a strong stomach. The proper way of maintaining a pozo negro through regular septic tank cleaning should always be entrusted to professionals – like Malabanan septic tank services. But it’s also good to have a basic knowledge of how it works.

The septic tank is designed to treat and dispose wastewater from the household drains to the drain field. Wastewater enters the inlet pipe down to the tank. After it has been treated in the tank, the wastewater flows through the outlet pipe going to the drain field. The septic tank is made to hold all used water from the toilets, sinks, and washing machines. Tanks are usually rectangular in shape and shall be made of durable material that can last for more than 20 years. The septic tank or locally known as pozo negro, is a main player in the septic system, nature’s reaction in managing the household waste system. Pozo negro is human’s contribution to making the entire process possible.

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These are guidelines that should be strictly followed in the construction and installation of septic tanks:

Septic Tank Size: Septic tank size depends on the built and size of the house and the number of members in the household. Since the pozo negro absorbs and contains all the used water from various sources, daily water volume usage of the household is the basis for the tank size. A bigger group requires larger pozo negro. A regular pozo negro must be able to contain 750 gallons to 1,000 gallons of water. This is sufficient for a two-bedroom house. The tank must provide at least 24 hour retention time for this volume of wastewater.

Materials: Septic tank can be made of concrete, marble, or heavy-duty plastic material. The tank should be airtight. Materials should be able to withstand strong chemicals and biological agents found in wastewater. The composition of the tank shall not be subject to decay.

Location: Septic tank is usually located close to the house or building for shorter waste line runs. It is placed where there is plenty of backfills to bury a septic tank during construction. Ideally, installation should at least be dug 100 feet away from drinking water sources, free from trees, and far from driveways. It should be readily accessible to pump out sludge and scum.

For easier siphoning pozo negro routine, septic tanks and sewage holding tanks shall not be less than:

  • 5 ft from any building
  • 16 ft from the edge of any road or driveway
  • 100 ft from any source of potable or drinking water
  • 30 ft from a buried water storage tank
  • 200 ft from any community well

Composition: The tank is composed of pipe connections made with T-pipe, allowing the liquid to enter and exit through the inlet and outlet pipes. It’s equipped with two chambers, each chamber with a manhole cover. These chambers are separated by a wall with openings located about midway between the floor and roof of the tank. The piping network distributes water to the field through multiple perforations.

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Properly designed and installed septic tanks can last longer years, roughly up to 25 years. Regular inspection by experts in siphoning or sispsip of pozo negro shall be practiced annually or every 3 to 5 years to check the condition of the tank and the pipes. If these basic guidelines are not followed, septic tanks will not perform its duty properly. Aside from the harm it may bring to the environment and health, reconstruction of a malfunctioning pozo negro is pricey and causes inconvenience to the household.

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