5 Practices Causing Pozo Negro Problems

5 Practices Causing Pozo Negro Problems

The septic tank or locally known in the Philippines as pozo negro plays a big part in maintaining the cleanliness and balance in the surroundings of every home. Because of its self-contained process, residents feel the freedom and confidence that the waste management system, specifically the septic system is flawless. However, just like every man-made structure, there is something that will always bring you trouble when pozo negro reaches its fullest level. Of course, external factors are also contributors in breaking the cycle or causing damage to the pozo negro. Any changes in the septic tank, whether through natural deterioration, incorrect maintenance, or mismanagement may lead to a bombshell to the residents and their neighborhood.

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Here are 5 practices causing pozo negro problems.

  1. Excessive use of water – this can cause the tank to hold more than its limit. It takes 24 hours to break down the solid wastes in the septic tank. However, too much water level may bring the solid wastes deliberately to distribution tubes even before breaking down completely causing blockage to the tubes. To avoid this, conserve water and minimize its use if necessary. Spreading the laundry schedule during the week is a good way to start. Other uncontrollable events such as typhoon can also cause excessive water in the tank. In this case, you should ring Malabanan pozo negro professional services immediately.
  2. Disposal of non-biodegradable materials – inorganic materials can’t easily be broken down. This causes an overload of sludge, forcing floating solids to get through the distribution pipes to the drain field. This causes stinky smell and flooding of the drain field. Avoid throwing non-biodegradable items such as napkins, tampons, cigarette butts, and the likes from the toilet bowl. Practice proper disposal of garbage. This is part of your hygiene.

Malabanan Siphoning Services, the most trusted name in the septic tank cleaning and maintenance industry.

  1. Using chemicals or treatments – harsh chemicals such as bleach, solvent, and chlorine will eliminate the natural bacteria breaking down solid wastes. Keep away from using the said chemicals. You can use alternative natural solutions available in the market for cleaning up the toilet bowl.
  2. Using detergent – detergent soaps consist of phosphates that encourage the growth of algae. These organisms can block the holes in the distribution pipes. Use gel soaps or powdered soap. Make sure they don’t contain phosphates.
  3. Lack of maintenance/inspection – poor maintenance practices can lead to a more expensive construction of a new septic tank. Have the solid wastes pumped periodically. Regular inspection is a great opportunity to check the internal condition of the tank and inspect possible leaks for pipe replacement or construction. Doing so will ensure that the system is running properly.

If the septic tank is incorrectly maintained, it may cause harm to the environment and the health of the people around. The pozo negro is one of the most utilized man-made structure in the household, working 24/7 from 1 to 5 years continuously. It truly deserves proper maintenance and inspection. When periodically pumped and inspected, this will make the pozo negro run strong in the next 25 years.

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